Foodspiration | Anna Williams


Happy rainy days folks - well those in Melbourne at least - how about this down pour??
So, I've had a love affair with this photographer's work for years now, 
almost enough to say she has been a huge inspiration of mine...
After a recent culinary post of mine I thought it about time I shared her with you!
 Anna Williams has some incredible lifestyle photographs and reaches incredible depths in enriched detail and styling in her shots. 
I wouldn't mind living in the world her lens.

I really hope that any of you can be as mesmerized by her work as I am. 
Her neutral mood is so enlightening. It's such an escape for me...
Tell me what you think because I sometimes feel this theme is the path I'm headed down myself ;)



Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

did this really just happen??!
I can ALWAYS use some good foodspiration...and dang girl you delivered on this one!
I was just as mesmerized by her work as you were!
wooow....this reminds me of some yummy food I just ate. mmmm


parfums said...

Cool , look so delicious. lovely.
parfum pas cher

sonia de macedo said...

Agreed! Her work is just mesmerizing, I have no idea how she manages to get food staying put and all, I know from personal experience it just doesn't work out for me LOL! I'll leave it to the experts!

Have a lovely day, FYI loving the Melbourne downpour he he he!

Dallas Q H said...

Don't take this in the wrong way, but this is the worst post I could've seen all day! I AM SO HUNGRY NOW, tastebuds need satisfying!!!!

P.S Take some sunshine here from Sydney, I'm sure there's enough for Melbourne too!


Style Hostess said...

seriously Yeliz, this post made my mouth water!
I haven't done a culinary post for a long long time. might as well get into the mood now.
love the delicious photography she puts into each picture. gonna check out her site now.


LUAR said...

Oh my god, so amazing. Everything looks so amazing and I want it all!

from L U A R


fox hunter said...
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fox hunter said...

Oh wow, these photos are gorgeous! You're right, Anna Williams really knows how to photograph food and such, everything looks perfect and so yummie... hope I could make photos like this one day ahah x

Vanessa said...

love the photos :)
hope you follow me sweetie

Jessica said...

Both my eyes and tummy are crying at this post. Dammit.

Jane said...

These are gorgeous pictures, they definitely have a little something extra to food pictures you generally see!

Joana said...

I love food photography, but you're killing me. These are absolutely gorgeous. I can find no fault in them!

Simona said...

Noo, I´m so hungry while looking on that delicious food!:)

Hanna & Christel said...

Amazing and very inspiring blog!


lucia m said...

wow! so delicious!


Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

wow sooo amazing, realistic photo, I feel hungry now!!! Thx for sharing. follow now hope u'll do the same

Hena Tayeb said...

these photographs are stunning.. wow is all i can say.

Elin Kling said...

Amazing pictures!

Antonia said...

Such a lovely photos!


anna said...

I'm completely in love with this post!!

Stephanie said...

This post makes me hungry! Love it!


Hannah said...

Wow she is seriously talented, each image is a piece of art! You can really appreciate the time and construction that has gone into taking these photographs!

Kiara Michelle King said...

Well, now I feel even worse about having a feast of coffee and mei goreng for dinner tonight. This food looks absolutely delicious and fresh and perfect!

I've also had a little sneaky peek at the rest of your blog, and I must say how great it is to discover another fab personal fashion blog. Your photos and style are quality!

Shannon Beer said...

Everything looks so delicious, this is making me hungry!xx

Krystal said...

the food looks good, but i'm adoring the photos!

Julia Lang said...

Seriously can't get enough of your great comments!!!

Kisses from Berlin

Julia // www.geeksndfashion.com


Sabrina said...

Babyyy, this is art! Ahh it makes me freaking hungry. I love food pictures. You rock ♥


jessica konstantinos said...

hey - thanks for the comment :0

love your blog - this post made me extremely hungry!



Jacquii Lie said...

omg stop, it's lunchtime and i'm now starving! haha. what a fab post, doesn't it make you just wanna run to an organic cafe or start cooking up a storm. you can do no wrong no matter what you post about! fabulous picture collection hun.

Couture Caddy

dwitafirina said...

Thank you for comment on my blog
I am following you now, hope we can follow each others :)

Diana said...

Wow amazing photos!

Thanks for your comment. Wanna follow each other?


Life's a shoe said...

great pictures!

magicswallow said...

WOW ! Those photos are amazing ! I'm very in love with them ! great job :)

Julie said...

Why did I have to come across these photosthis late at night when I am famished! haha..the food looks so good! Thanks for sharing xx

The Jones said...

This is BEAUTIFUL photography...I have fallen in love with it too! And become very hungry...looks delicious.

<3 Cambria

The Jones said...

Oh...and following you :)

<3 Cambria

Joana said...

I don't know how different it is considering I've studied Media in such a vast sense of the subject. I think I lack practical knowledge and it'll be interesting to see how institutional PR works.

I still love these photos. Amazing.

Kat said...

ohmygosh all these photos are absolutely amazing!!!!!! :D


Angela said...

OH Gosh I'm starving now!!!! So rad, these pics just look delicious....

magicswallow said...

ahhh that was so nice of you ! :) i'm really glad that you're happy i came back :) I'm okay now, i had a lotof exams recently but it's all over now and i have holidays :)
i like them too :)
can't wait for your newpost :) and i'm following you :) hope you want to follow me too :)

BrightWhiteNoises said...

Whoua incredibly beautiful food pictures ! I hope I can shoot something like this !
Nice post, very inspiring :)

NICOLE said...

beautiful foood, what inspiration! glad to have stumbled upon your blog xx