Coffee beans

Here I introduce to you all  my coffee-bean print dress - for lack of a better idea of what the print actually is!
Back years ago when I was a dedicated ebay junkie I picked this up off a little old lady throwing away her daughters 'retro' gear and to date it's still one of my favourite finds
...and hard to believe...this was the first time I had worn it! 
I finally had that 'spare' moment to unpick its awfully intricate elastic detailing on the waistband and vualla...a smock dress, cos I'm down like that and love anything oversize and non-hugging-to-my-hips
Oh, and it has pockets....POCKETS I SAY!

Sorry for the lack of personal ramble but I'm short of time lately.
I'm actually stuck for internet access at home after brilliant Melbourne winds struck down a tree over our phone line last Friday, so I've been scrambling for a little wi-fi wherever I can - my mobile just doesn't cut it sometimes!
Bare with me dears!
vintage/ebay dress mango coat rubi boots asos watch


Hannah said...

I think the term coffee bean print is just fitting! I love the shape of the dress especially the cuffs on the sleeves! That coat is also gorgeous!

kathy said...

That print is mad!
Also loving your coat, perfect for the crappy weather we've been having :)

Style Hostess said...

lovely boots and dress~ I know yea, Melbourne is going nuts in the weather these days. My wi-fi's been having epileptic seizures too :( a bit worried sometimes..
anyways, hope your day was lovely Yeliz! yes, please inspire me with food pictures :)


Krystal said...

ahhh that is too cute!

The Jones said...

I don't think there is anything better than the idea of a coffee bean print...how totally amazing for those of us who love coffee :D And this one is such a nice bright colour, it's even better with all black. Great styling!

<3 Cambria

idaawe said...

that coat is just perfect <3

Meet Me On The Streets said...

Thought they were KISSESSSSSS for a second. Or burgers without fillings.

That is one excellent find. We love non hugging dresses too... so much more conducive for important matters like eating

Fashionmania said...

This dress is actually pretty funny. I'm a coffee junkie and I'm loving this dress! And poor you :( hope you'll get your internet back very soon!

Dylan said...

Did you straighten your hair!? I LOVE IT!

Guess you have too much spare time on your hands since Uni life is behind you now?

Sending my love from Japan :)

Vanessa K said...

I seriously love every piece of this outfit!

Bouquet de Fleurs said...

Great Look and Style! Love your coffee dress ;)

Would you like to follow each other´s Blog?


anna said...

i'm in love with your dress!!!!! ;)

jessica konstantinos said...

omg i love this post! the location and clothes tie together so nicely!

looking lovely too :)
definitely following!



micah gianneli said...

Yeliz, you always look effortlessly chic. And I too, was a hardcore eBay junkie years ago and now recovering. YES to oversized, YES to pockets and NO to Melbourne weather! Not cool beans. But your dress is cool beans.

Micah x


Ayushi Mahendra said...

I love this look of yours! So lucky you can wear it all in melbourne


Gaby de Modacapital said...

such a great outfit, love the dress! :)

Ulia Ali said...

You look really great! Loved the dress :) Such unusual print


Sofia said...

just love your hair & your beautiful dress

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Emma said...

so lovely