Candy Cannes

Gwen Stefani in Stella McCartney....she is my number one here, re-invention in all its glory. Fabulous
Sarah Jessica Parker in Ellie Sab....gosh sometimes I love sheer and floral
Zoe Saldana in Giorgio Armani....really HOT candy cane?
Rachel McAdams in Monique Lhuillier...although it's not a glitzy gown, she looks utterly chic (and how can you not love Michael Sheen with his arm around her)

These are my top Cannes Festival ladies looks. Although most of them did pull out more the one look over the week I must say that these are just something different. Each more unique then the other, yet, beautifully styled and actually suited to each character. I think Cannes does things to people...they all look flawless...

What do you all think? Who was your favourite dressed?


N AT A S H A said...

Oh Gwen looks incredible. I still prefered her when she was in No Doubt though.

The print of Sarah Jessica's dress is lovely. My favourite is a toss up between Rachel and SJP. xx

Kristina Lennon said...

Another great post :)

Gwen is such a doll and that Giorgio Armani dress is stunning!

it-pony said...

ahah candy cannes, you are a great writer. u should become a journalist!! we have a new post later this way, hope you like it. much love to you


BeTwin Us said...

I liked Gwen Stefani from head to toe including her make up, shoes and clutch :)) however Rachel Mc Adams is my least favourite, I couldnt warm up to her torusers, she looks fit but not my style!;)


Giuli said...

Love Rachel McAdam's outfit!!

Thank you for your sweet comment:)



Forever young. said...

thanks for your comment!
i want to be a journalist too! but i'm not really sure :S


following u!

Yelena Starikova said...

Wow! Great Choices! Rachel McAdams is IN Trend this year! Very 70 look but very glamorous at the some time. Well done!

Maddalena said...


LOVE JOICE said...

Great post! love your blog! I'm your new follower and thanks for following me! ^_^

Allie said...

I'm in love with that Elie Saab dress! but I don't think SJP did it justice. Gwen look gorgeous!
xx Allie

The Cat Hag said...

My favourite was Gwen.

That lady has so much style, she could wear anything and still be fashionable. :)

The Cat Hag

FashionBloggerRevealed said...

Hi ! thank you so much for your comment on my blog . it means a lot to me . and its so cool that you live in melbourne cos im going there next month for college ! :)

MEZ said...

aah these looks are spectacular!!

Love all of them, especially the Stella McCartney one piece. Spectacular.

Great post Yeliz!

Lee Oliveira said...

Ok.. Shut it down.. that Giorgio Armani dress is beyond fabulous.
Lee x

silent fionna said...

sarah jessica parker <3

jane said...

Rachel McAdams is really cute.. I like her style!

Roshi said...

lady be prepared for comment overload.

NOW i havent seen these outfits..im super duper slack ...I do enjoy them all but Gwen Naturally is HEAVEN. LIKE anything she wears she works it. She always looks amazing UUGGHHH ive been obsessed with her snce grade 9 which let m e tell you IS A LONG TIME AGO. Shes great... x

Niki B. said...

gwen, hands down. she looks AMAZING.

xo Niki from A Haute Mess

ps. I have a giveaway I thought you might want to enter, if you haven't already (blogger deleted a bunch of entries). You can win a necklace! See here :)

Zizzi'sCloset said...

Zoe Saldana and Gwen Stefani look so great!!! Lovin Rachel McAdams' top too. Love love love. Great post!! xx


MartilaMi said...

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DaBlackSjp said...