Heading back to NotOnlyIstanbul

Surprise unleashed: for some of you this may not come as a huge shock - but yes, I am heading back to my backyard!

First off, I have a long spill ahead so my prior apologies. Secondly, this jumble screen print you see above is the sole reason I am returning to Istanbul. They are the masterminds behind notonlyistanbul.com, a too-cool-for-school, completely innovative video guide to urban living and breathing in Istanbul. From the people, for the people and those Istanbul lovers abroad. Cue Yeliz ;)

About mid-March this year, after my return I become obsessed with the content of this site, it became my screen homepage and my constant connection to the city I fell back in love with over the new year. Their vision was so true to my editorial preferences and passions. It was like I was seeing refelctions of my imagination. My fave video at the time was this trip-around-istanbul-interview with Elle Turkey fashion editor, Seda Yilmaz!

I wasn't in the best head-space after my return, but it was after I read an article in a Turkish newspaper about the two lovely-lady founders of this website that I figured I had nothing to lose but let them know I loved, believed and wanted to be part of their work.
Since then I have been corresponding and maintaining the site's social media platforms and all the photographs we have sent in from locals following our daily themes.

It has been a struggle-and-a-half, the time difference, crazy circumstances, late nights, exams, uni, and lately no internet and finally now, no macbook - yes, that baby broke last Thursday night, I'm so technology-vain but I feel like i've lost a sibling. All my work was about this laptop. Please pray that Mr Mac's memory can be recovered, I've had family on the data-recovery case since the accident.

But to end this note, I feel sick with anticipation over the unexpected future, I am so freaking blessed and the feeling is nerve-pinching too-damn-good-to-be-true. I want to slap my self. And I have been, and will continue so until I rediscover the truth about what I'm really planning to do with my life. This somehow seems like the right place to start.

So it all starts Saturday. Yes - I fly out this Saturday, and for three months. 
Bless all your little socks for your sweet comments and support!
I'm hoping I can update on here as much as possible, can't wait to share my crazy obsession with you all once again!


ps. Follow what I'm getting up to on the site - in both English & Turkish - through notonly's twitter & facebook pages :))


What diet?

Hello loves! 
Never fear! Yeliz has home internet once again! Tesltra, hear me swear!
Moving along, what better way to return than with my latest collection of culinary snaps?
Nothing special as I've been flat-out-crazy-town-busy, but for your eyes only!
Thanks for some of the beautiful comments loves, I'm getting back to you all :)

ps. sooo thrilled you all loved the beautiful Anna Williams food photography post
I know food photography is huge at the moment with Instagram and all, but her universe is something beyond so I'm really excited that you enjoyed her work!
big ps note here: my way-over-due-surprise is broken in my next post
Please excuse the delay, but it's all falling in to place as we speak!



Trendt FW 2012-13


source: trendland.com
Brazilian label Trendt FW 2012-2013 collection.
Absolutely digging that this entire collection is kind of trans-seasonal in terms of attire...
T-shirt PLUS scarf PLUS no jacket? Now that's functionality!
Plays well with their 'simplicity x complexity' vibe.
And navy sweater? Get in my closet!


Coffee beans

Here I introduce to you all  my coffee-bean print dress - for lack of a better idea of what the print actually is!
Back years ago when I was a dedicated ebay junkie I picked this up off a little old lady throwing away her daughters 'retro' gear and to date it's still one of my favourite finds
...and hard to believe...this was the first time I had worn it! 
I finally had that 'spare' moment to unpick its awfully intricate elastic detailing on the waistband and vualla...a smock dress, cos I'm down like that and love anything oversize and non-hugging-to-my-hips
Oh, and it has pockets....POCKETS I SAY!

Sorry for the lack of personal ramble but I'm short of time lately.
I'm actually stuck for internet access at home after brilliant Melbourne winds struck down a tree over our phone line last Friday, so I've been scrambling for a little wi-fi wherever I can - my mobile just doesn't cut it sometimes!
Bare with me dears!
vintage/ebay dress mango coat rubi boots asos watch


Foodspiration | Anna Williams


Happy rainy days folks - well those in Melbourne at least - how about this down pour??
So, I've had a love affair with this photographer's work for years now, 
almost enough to say she has been a huge inspiration of mine...
After a recent culinary post of mine I thought it about time I shared her with you!
 Anna Williams has some incredible lifestyle photographs and reaches incredible depths in enriched detail and styling in her shots. 
I wouldn't mind living in the world her lens.

I really hope that any of you can be as mesmerized by her work as I am. 
Her neutral mood is so enlightening. It's such an escape for me...
Tell me what you think because I sometimes feel this theme is the path I'm headed down myself ;)